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A conference by Hack Club members for the Hack Club members,

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Learn how to run a great

Hack Club

Speaker sessions by some community ninjas who will teachyou how to run the coolest Hack Club / Events.

How To Be An Email Ninja!

Sam Poder

Sam is a 16-year-old living in Singapore. He has contributed in numerous emails and, could land a ton of sponsorships for various events. Learn from sam how to be an email Ninja!

How to grow your Hack Club

Manav Modi

Manav is the lead from Hack Club VIT Chennai. He could efficiently grow his club, that too virtually! Learn from him how to scale your Hack Club and get a crazy social media following for your events.

Journey Through a Design

Yashvardhan Gupta

Yash it the person behind the awesome graphic work in Hack Club VIT Chennai. He'll talk about his design process. Journey with him on a journey of a Design!

How to organize a great Hackathon

Smile Gupta

Smile Gupta is a software engineer at Konfhub and she organized "Autumn Hacks", one of the best Hackathons conducted in India. Learn from her what goes into organzing a great hackathon!

From Volunteering to Working Full Time as a Community Manager

Vishal Das

Vishal Das is a community manager at CodeChef and is now professional managing 200+ communities across India. Visit his journey with him, from Volunteering to Manging 200+ clubs professionaly!

How to onboard new members to you Hack Club!


Guru is a Hack Club lead from SKCET and recently onboarded his juniors to Hack Club in a very awesome way! Learn from him how to onboard new members to your Hack Club and give your Hack Club the start it deserves.

see, awesome projects/events by Hack Clubbers


Hack Club is a community of builders and tinkerers.Come let’s celebrate the great work happening at Hack Clubs in Asia.

"book your tickets now, limited seats only"

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